Grooms certainly have it easy when it comes to weddings! They have very few decisions to make and the ones they do make are mostly mad be their partners anyway.

Brides, on the other hand, have a multitude of decisions to make and just one of them is the hairstyle for the wedding.

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. There are so many things to consider. First, there’s the dress and veil. Then, the bride must choose her accessories, makeup look and of course her hairstyle.

Often the type of hairstyle a bride chooses has a lot to do with her veil or headpiece. However, you may already have a preference as to whether or not you want to wear your hair up or down. Some bridal headwear can accommodate either style. The first thing you want to consider is the look you’re going for.

Do you want to look like a delicate, refined lady on your wedding day? Go for a modest chignon or French twist with your bangs swept back off your forehead. This look puts your face in focus and accentuates a slender neck. Maybe you prefer a romantic fairy princess look on your wedding day. In that case, long, flowing locks are perfect.

Create gorgeous waves by setting your long hair on hot rollers, then gently combing out the curls to make them less defined. Another popular style for not only weddings but everyday is the half-up, half-down style. Pull the top and side portions of your hair back and secure with bobby pins that match your hair color. If you want some volume, tease the top portion of your hair before pulling it back.

Accessories are often used for bridal hairstyles. If you’re not wearing a headpiece such a veil, you may want to add some sparkle by using sparkling rhinestone combs or clips in your hair. A rhinestone headband can look gorgeous and hold your bangs out of your face. For a classic yet beautiful look, use a bejeweled headband and tease the portion of hair behind the headband. You’ll get some gorgeous height and your hair will fall beautifully down your back. For those with short hair, a sparkling barrette or even a silk flower behind the ear can give your look pizazz.

There are even shimmer powders and sprays that can be used to give your hair a romantic look. Umberto Gianni makes a great shimmer powder that is gently patted onto hair with a puff and adds a gorgeous glow to any style. These powders and sprays are not garish and glittery, but rather give the hair a beautiful sheen and shimmer that catches the light and accents the face.

If you need more ideas for your wedding day style, there are lots of pictures of wedding hairstyles in wedding magazines and even online that can help you find the style you like best.

All brides without exception look beautiful on their wedding day. Trust me. There is something magical happens on your wedding day and you will look beautiful. Whatever hairstyle you choose is going to be absolutely gorgeous!