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If you are a couple who wants to give out customized wedding favors to your guests, the selection is endless. Anything from the cheapest to the most expensive wedding favors can be customized with your personal desires. Adding your personal touch to your wedding souvenirs doesn’t only mean making them unique and special, but also shows your sincere gratitude towards your guests. The thing is, when they see the customized favor, they will feel that your thank you gift for them has been made hear-felt. To give you some tastes, here are a few popular options that you can easily customized the way you want them to be.


Customized candles are one of the most popular favors nowadays. Candles favors are available in different designs and scents. Customizing them with your own ideas and adding personalized tags will send a warm, sincere message of thanks to everyone at the party.


Even edible treats are now available for customization. You can customize chocolate bars, candies, cookies and even coffees, wines and teas. There are personalized labels, tags and sachets where names or monograms and other details of wedding will be written. Although edible wedding favors sound conventional, but can be very well appreciated by the guests.

Eco-friendly Items

If you are a couple who is eco-friendly, you can customize your wedding favors to really show off your love for nature. There are so many custom eco-friendly wedding favors that are available in the market, from seed packets to little potted plans and petal cones. Giving out green favors is one effective way to not only make your wedding day unique, but to help stop global warming. You can customize eco-friendly favors by making them personalized with both of your names or monograms, wedding date, and location on tags.

Other possible wedding favors that you can customize include bottle openers, wine stoppers, salt and pepper shakers, golf balls, playing cards, lip balms, coasters, and so on. These items can be personalized with names, monograms, dates and even personal messages. Find custom party favors online, where thousands of online stores offer various wedding supplies including custom favors, but just make sure to choose according to the type of nuptial you want to have or its theme, if there’s any. Above all, do not blow all your saving over little things like party favors, however, make sure to give them care and attention just like how you managed other details of your wedding.