If there’s one problem that couples face, it is finding a set of custom wedding rings to match their individual engagement rings because in their search to find the perfect custom design wedding bands, most travel from jewelry store to jewelry store and more often than not end up disappointed. It’s a fact that there are numerous jewelry stores who have an extremely large range of wedding rings designs and the means to create custom wedding rings, including the new sensation – custom Celtic wedding rings. However, many such jewelers lack the ability to provide a realistic sample or illustration of how the custom design wedding bands would look when finished. This makes it difficult for a couple to make a decision, as the design they have in mind could be far different than the one in the jeweler’s mind.

In the quest to be different, the past few years have witnessed an unprecedented demand for wedding rings especially among young, affluent couples which has given rise to an increasing number of jewelers offering design wedding rings. Experienced and professional custom jewelers usually have the skills required to provide a realistic prototype of how wedding bands would look when finished and these are precisely the jewelers that make it easy for couples to choose and decide their wedding rings. Many professional custom jewelers have an experienced designer of custom design wedding bands and some designers also possess the skills to create custom Celtic wedding bands as such rings are growing in popularity among several couples.

The role of the designer is to develop a concept based on what specifically a couple is looking for, or create an original concept or more for a couple to choose from. Unfortunately, some jewelers may not be able to translate an approved concept into the perfect wedding bands that a couple requires, owing to poor craftsmanship. This is why the perfect custom design wedding bands are the result of good synergy between couple designer and custom jeweler. Inefficient craftsmanship often results in wedding rings that inherit a history of problems, among them, the loss of gemstones owing to poor settings, or improper welding of the metal. Fortunately, there are also qualified jewelers who possess the credentials for making wedding bands as they are certified with one important credential – the ‘Jewelers of America (JA) Master Jeweler program. A JA-certified Jeweler is considered to be a “Master Jeweler” and couples can rest assured that such certified jewelers have been fully tested in all disciplines of jewelry making including the creation and making of wedding bands.

Most jewelers that make custom design wedding bands use the time-tested, method of wax prototypes of a couple’s wedding rings. These prototypes are extremely useful because they can give couples an idea of how their custom wedding rings would look when finished. Today however, some jewelers have inducted 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology to create far more realistic and accurate designs. Going by the phenomenal demand for custom design wedding rings, the day may not be far when every couple of tomorrow would want nothing else but custom wedding rings.