Planning a wedding on a budget becomes a challenge. One of the most expensive parts of a wedding is the reception. And one of the most costly parts of the reception is the food. So here are five ideas for wedding reception food on a budget.

  1. You can decide on a pot luck meal. You can provide the meat and drinks. Let your guests bring their favorite dishes. This can save a lot of money but can also create some challenges. Someone will have to keep track of dishes so you don’t have all baked beans. You can give food groups or suggestions on your reception cards. This can help to keep a good variety.
  2. Use roasters and put your meat and side dishes in them. A few nice hams will provide a lot of meat at a smaller expense. You can even make meatballs and put in a nice sauce. We have used roasters for years at our events. My mom makes a great roaster full of scalloped potatoes. Always a hit! Cabbage rolls used to be one of our standard meat choices. We have gone to new dishes though, so you see everything changes. Depending on your family.
  3. Open pit chicken. My brother is usually in charge of this. He uses wood and has a rack that he puts pre-cut chicken quarters on. He has mastered this to where the relatives look forward to the open pit chicken dinners.
  4. Another wedding reception food on a budget can be found at the bulk food store. Sam’s usually has tons of ideas for this. You can get premade meatballs put them in crock pots with different sauces for variety. You may choose to have a nice casserole that is just a heat and serve dish.
  5. Finger foods. You may have trays of meat, cheese, veggies, deviled eggs and pickles. Add crackers and buns with condiments and you have a meal that can be set out on trays of ice that will be ready to serve.

I hope this gives you some ideas for wedding reception food on a budget. You can have some nice meals and still stick to a budget. Many times a sit down dinner will cost much more because of the time involved in getting the meal ready to serve at one time. You will also have the cost of servers and bus people.