You know to keep your hands away from your face when you’re breakout-prone. You may have even noticed that things like your phone can cause pimples around your ears and jaw line when they’re frequently used and seldom cleaned. It turns out; almost anything can have pimple-producing effects if it touches your face, including your hair. If you deal with adult acne and can’t seem to kick it, you should take a look at your hair-care routine to see if there are any pore-clogging lurkers hidden in your hair styling products, or other hair habits that are causing you to break out.

Bad Hair Habit #1: Letting It Touch Your Face
Bangs seem like the perfect solution when you have forehead zits – they hide all evidence of breakouts! But bangs also can contribute to the spread of sebum, or oil, on your face, and can keep you from getting rid of acne. If you use hair moisturizer, sprays or mousses, they can leave residue on your skin, and if you have an oily scalp, allowing your locks to touch your skin can transfer that oil to your face, which can cause pimples. Solution: If you have bangs, pin them away from your face while your blemishes clear up, and avoid using oil-producing products on your ‘do.

Bad Hair Habit #2: Choosing Chemical-Laden Products
Just like choosing to use organic facial skin care products, sticking to organic hair care products is the best thing you can do to prevent acne. Many hair shampoos and styling aids contain chemicals such as petroleum and sodium lauryl sulfate, both of which can cause an oily build up on skin if it brushes your face. In addition, if petroleum gets on your skin, it can prevent it from breathing properly, so it will be more difficult to get rid of blemishes. Solution: Organic beauty products don’t contain these chemicals or any others, so when you use them on your locks, they won’t cause acne if they come in contact with your face.

Bad Hair Habit #3: Not Cleansing Often Enough
Some people choose to only wash their hair every other or every third day. However, no matter how much a messy bun masks your dirty-mane secret, it doesn’t change the fact that your hair’s oils increase over time if you don’t wash away the buildup. For this reason, it’s really important to wash your tresses regularly. Solution: If you decide to skip a day every once in a while, pull your hair away from your face so you won’t spread any excess oil. Finally, ensure you wash your hands after you apply mousses or serums so if you touch your face, the products won’t get on your skin.