One of the toughest choices a bride must make is that of her wedding music. The music at an event can shape the entire evening and set the mood from beginning to end.

However, so many wedding quartets and bands exist now that a bride doesn’t even know where to start looking.

Will the band show up? Are they any good? Can I hear some samples? These are questions that brides are left wondering even after they book that string quartet for the ceremony music.

We talked to Chandler Judkins with Las Vegas Wedding Music, the number one musician contracting company in the wedding capital of the world to find out how a bride’s music jitters can be put at ease.

First, Chandler Judkins says, find a contractor instead of trusting your wedding coordinator.

This might outrage some wedding coordinators who make a living at planning weddings. However, Judkins says that unless a coordinator has graduated in a music program at a university or is using a musician contractor themselves to get a string quartet or jazz band, then don’t listen to their opinions on what is “a magical wedding band.”

“Just like a bride takes such care to match everything to the colors of her wedding, a musician contractor matches the music to her colors as well,” Judkins said.

Las Vegas Wedding Music has over 200 professional musicians ready to be contracted for Las Vegas weddings. “Any good musician contractor should have the same,” Judkins said.

If a bride hires a professional musician contractor, all her questions are answered with ease. She no longer has to worry about the band showing up; they can be reported to the Better Business Bureau if they don’t. Musician contractors usually have years of experience and a degree to back it. A bride also doesn’t have to worry about a band sounding good; musician contractors always have sound demos and often live videos for brides so they can choose the perfect ensemble.

To see an example of a musician contractor’s Web site visit Las Vegas Wedding Music’s Web site at:

If a bride has trouble finding a musician contractor in her area, she can contact the musician’s union in her city. They are always willing to help brides find talented musicians.