Yesterday I attended a wedding ceremony. Both the bride and the bridegroom are my classmates in middle school. I attended that wedding ceremony because my mother let me go. I have to point out that the bride was really beautiful and I appreciated her wedding dress which made her the most beautiful woman in the wedding. The bridesmaid just dressed a long coat so the bride stood out against the bridesmaid. Actually, after that wedding, I think the following two things are really important in a wedding party.

First, the bride’s right wedding gown is an indispensable part for her wedding. No matter what color the wedding dress is, the silhouette should be fit for bride’s body shape. I like the ball gown because it gives a pretty modeling for bride. Even it looks very heavy because it has some crinolines inside or a slip to support the shape, designers solve this problem easily: they make the crinolines removable. When the crinolines are removed, the rest of the ball gown becomes an A-line gown and it will be convenient for bride to walk about, and the wedding dress will show bride’s slim and balanced figure. If you are a bride who has been pregnant for over three months, choose an empire waist gown to conceal your raised belly. In winter, the weather is cold and bride can match a fur capelet with the wedding gown to keep warm. A fur capelet can not only stay warm but also makes the bride looks very distinguished. The color of the fur capelet should match the wedding dress.

The second thing is choose the right music. This is the moment that you have been waited for, and only The Wedding March will not be enough. You have to prepare more music to make the guests happy and the wedding ceremony more active. The following wedding ceremony music is recommended:

Traditional wedding parties often use classic music such as Canon in D, Here Comes the Bride, The Prince of Denmark’s March, Guitar Concerto in D Major and Trumpet Tune and Air.

It seems that contemporary songs appear more popular during the modern wedding ceremonies: A Love So Beautiful, Against All Odds, All For Love, All I Have To Give, Angel, As time Goes By, Because I Love You, Because Of You, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, You Have Been Loved, The Power Of Love and many other pop music will be good choices for wedding music.

This wedding party is the first wedding that I have attended since I grew up, and it has left me a deep impression. I begin to expecting my own wedding now.