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Anyone who has been to a wedding would agree that this is an occasion where gastronomic delights from all corners of the society. After the reception, the ceremony and the mingling, the food is another significant component in the spirit of the wedding. In fact, a considerable section of people tend to remember the food over the socializing and amusingly enough, the ceremony itself! When someone remarked that the best way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach, that person definitely meant much more than is apparent – as can be judged from the significance of the food presented at the reception.

In most cases, feeding the huge numbers of guests forms a bulk of the wedding expenses. Even the most gorgeous and expensive wedding accessories rarely outstrip the wedding reception food in terms of expenses. The food is the principal means for fully satisfying the guests regarding a wedding. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a full and elaborate menu with plenty of options in the main course as well as for the desserts. For example, for guests who prefer vegetarian food, an alternative vegetarian menu should be arranged alongside the non-vegetarian course.

Beverages are extremely important. It is important to consider carefully before bringing in alcoholic beverages into consideration here – not just because they tend to aggravate the expenses, but considering possible legal outcomes.

But how does one arrange for all this? A simple solution is to hire a private or a restaurant-based caterer. Wedding receptions held at resorts or restaurants automatically have the food supplied from there. Some wedding planners often arrange for catering services to supply food during the reception.